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  • 23 09 2011

    ehx cathedral mods #1 - preset switch

    inserimento jack per l’utilizzo di uno switch esterno per richiamare i PRESET, invece di premere la manopola MODE. quest’ultima mantiene comunque inalterata la sua funzione.

    compatibile con qualsiasi switch momentaneo tipo Boss FS-5U.

    6 feedback - ehx cathedral mods #1 – preset switch

    18 01 2017
    effettidiclara (4.33 pm) :

    Purtroppo una modifica del genere non si può fare

    25 11 2016
    Mattia (7.07 pm) :

    Ciao ragazzi, sarebbe possibile una modifica simile che invece permetta anche un secondo switch per cambiare da modalità a modalità, quello che fa MODE quando viene ruotato per intenderci?

    16 04 2014
    effettidiclara (12.45 pm) :

    Hi, the mod consists on adding an aux jack for the external preset switch, with the proper mini-switch box.
    We sure can make this mod to your pedal but you should send it to us in Italy.
    For more information mail to: effettidiclara@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot

    7 04 2014
    Brandon (3.12 am) :

    I’m not a Spanish speaker but from what I can tell, this is a mod for the preset control. This is something I am very interested in. I would like details on how I could get this mod on my pedal.

    1 03 2013
    effettidiclara (5.38 pm) :

    Hi, I’ve send you an email. Bye

    16 02 2013
    Casagrande (5.41 pm) :

    Hi! Sorry, I dont speak spanish, (neither english…)
    I’m brazilian, and I’m looking EVERYWHERE to get this MOD to the Cathedral!!!

    I want to know if you guys can give me some light and tell me how can I do that! PLEASE!!!

    Or/And show me how you guys do the electric connections and stuff…

    I would LOVE! haha


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