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  • 11 05 2012

    The Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 Floor Version 2 has two different Preset Recall modes:

    RETURN TO LOOP (factory default): the PL8 will recalls the desired preset then automatically turn off the Store/Preset led and return to Loop Access mode so you may have instant access to all of the loops.
    INSTANT: the PL8 recalls any of the 8 presets on the fly with a single button access, remaining in the Preset Mode.


    1. ENTER SETUP MODE: turn the power ON, Press and Hold the STORE Button within 3 seconds, so the STORE LED will blink. You are now in the MIDI CONFIGURATION PROGRAMMING MODE.

    Note: If you do not press the STORE Button within the first 3 seconds proceeding the initial power up, the
    Patchmate Loop 8 will automatically enter the Normal Mode and recalls preset number 1.

    2. SKIP THE MIDI CHANNEL CONFIGURATION: Press and Release the STORE Button, all relays and LEDs will blink twice indicating store success. Now you are into the MIDI CONTROLLER SETUP.

    3. PRESET MODE SELECT: press the PRESET DUMP switch to change the Preset Mode. When the LED is “OFF” the PL8 is in the RETURN TO LOOP Mode, when the LED is “ON” the PL8 is in the INSTANT Mode.

    4. EXIT SETUP MODE: when you are ready to store the information simply Press and Release the STORE Button (TWICE). The STORE LED will blink followed by the recall of preset 1.

    Now if you press the STORE/PRESET Button, the LED goes ON and the PL8 remains in the PRESET MODE.

    Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 Floor

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