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1. MOOG Expression Pedal EP-2
2. Custom Mute Switch
3. Custom TAP Tempo Switch
4. MasterMind MIDI Foot Controller
5. Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
6. Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver
7. ZVEX Mastotron
8. Custom Pedalboard Bypass Switch + MIDI Clock from MAC
9. Korg Pitchblack tuner
10. Eventide Space
11. Eventide Pitch Factor

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  1. This pedalboard is good, i like eventide!
    But I have a system composed of:

     On the voodoo lab pedal twelve o’clock the ground control pro
    From 3 eventide pedals, pitch time and space reverb
    In a digitech whammy
    From a torpedo vb 101.

    In short I manage all this small world midi pedal thanks to noon.

    One thing that’s nice is that with the eventides you can have a single tap tempo.

    Alan Chaput speaks on video:

    Eventide Factor Series Stomp Box 9 of 11 Tutorial: Using MIDI Clock to lock Tempos

    Here is the page of a forum on eventide on the problem.

    The thinking of this is that the GCP sends PC and CC, but no MIDI clock.

    So you need to transmit CC of PCM to a device that allows you to:

    a) accept CC for TapTempo to its MIDI clock

    b) and transmit MIDI clock

    You then need to merge the signal from the clock source GCPet back together to pass on to your other devices ….. after that everything becomes easier.

    MIDI Clock is not dependent channel (source: eventide forum / google translation)

     I have a midi merger and a quadra true and so I made this diagram:

    Since I can not have a single tap tempo pedal for all eventides. I can either have the tap tempo “midi clock” via external switch on the pedal master switch presets or exchange “PC” and exchange controls “CC” on the pedals of eventides noon.
    Here is my big worry … since I do not necessarily operate by the characteristic of my equipment. I do not know if you have the solution to the problem twelve o’clock, in order to have
    The tap tempo for the entire pedal eventide “the same” and able to move the PC and CC normally with gcp!
    Thank you very much for reading this mail.

    From Pierrefeu , Var P.A.C.A FRANCE.

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